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California native Kurt Courtland, is an editor living and working in Los Angeles.

His first memories were of watching old movies of his dad on television. Born into a Hollywood film family and the son of actor, director and producer Jerome Courtland, Kurt always wanted to follow in his father’s filmmaking footsteps. As a child, Kurt enjoyed a short stint as an actor until the ripe old age of 12. Kurt changed course and pursued another passion: photography. Kurt quickly discovered an innate talent at capturing the perfect frame. He took broadcasting and film making courses in college that led to an exciting discovery. Kurt was awed by the ability to change the entire look, feel and tone of a scene through editing and found his photographer’s eye gave him an advantage. Just like that, an editor was born.

His first union job was as an assistant sound editor which helped him hone his skills and develop an ear for sound. Sound editing soon led to picture editing where Kurt found his perfect fit. A natural storyteller, Kurt approaches his career in editing as a chance to combine his artistic outlook with an exacting eye for detail and performance. He readily rises to each challenge with excitement and dedication. Kurt considers himself fortunate to have worked with some of the most prolific television producers in history from Dick Wolf to Shonda Rhimes.

One of Kurt’s most gratifying television experiences was working with Shonda Rhimes making the Hillary Clinton documentary for the Democratic National Convention, of 2016.






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